The process of cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is absolutely safe, entry into the pre-chamber and Cryochamber is preceded by a medical examination, suitability or unsuitability of this therapy recommended according to information about the health status of patients.

On arrival guests are given moisture free clothing that includes a T-shirt, shorts, headbands, gloves, socks, clogs and a mask to the nose and mouth. Parts of the skin must be due to the above-mentioned stimulation of receptors exposed. Pre-treatment is the entrance to the pre-chamber, with a temperature of -60 °C for approximately 30 seconds. Following this is entry through the internal passage doors into the main Cryochamber, where the temperature reaches -120 °C and where clients are in motion all the time, avoiding skin contact. Cryochamber temperatures are low due to the fact that there is zero humidity and visitors do not feel the intense cold. After two, maximum three minutes, visitors come out through the adaptation chamber so the body can adapt to the changes in temperature. After leaving the Cryochamber the visitors do 20 minutes of intense exercise. Visitors can leave the Cryochamber at any time during the procedure. During the entire treatment, guests are in direct visual contact with the personnel through the window of the chamber. The cold causes constriction of the arteries in the human body. Subsequent to stay warm, eventually after heating the organism occurs contrary to their massive distension. This phenomenon can be seen in everyday life, the reddening of the skin in the cold.


For the effect to be long-lasting, it is recommended to complete at least 7 to 10 consecutive treatments, once or twice a year. Most visitors, however, will feel the positive effects of Cryotherapy after the first entry into the Cryochamber.