Sport and regeneration


Professional and recreational sports and active life

It helps athletes in increasing muscle performance, physical condition, recovery before and after sports performances and the regeneration of post-traumatic states.

Secretion of hormones, especially testosterone, in the course of Cryotherapy is especially interesting for athletes. This phenomenon has in fact a direct impact on the growth of the muscle mass and enhances performance in strength and endurance training. Supports muscle relaxation and total biological regeneration and thanks to intensive oxygenation it also prevents the formation of lactic acid. Cryotherapy is widely used by the best professional athletes, as one of the most modern and most effective forms of regeneration and increases performance of the so-called pure form before or after exercise.

Slovak doctors who use the therapy in sports, tested swimmers blood tests, and they were able to prove that recovery after the completion of therapy was twice as fast.

Cryotherapy is determined by a wide group of people who suffer from health problems or are interested in their health and are trying to live an active and vital life.