Beauty and cosmetics


Every woman has tried many beauty treatments …

Laboratory tests and experience clearly demonstrated the cosmetic effects of cold exposure that women seek. Stay in the Cryochamber tightens the skin, rejuvenates, refreshes, and by the influence of the hormone endorphin, which is produced by the treatment, improves mood. Cryotherapy by cooling layers of the skin and subsequent congestion (pushing) of fat cells, helps remove cellulite, enhances durability and quality of skin all over the body. Cryotherapy actively helps in weight loss and weight reduction as well as with difficulties in the menopause.

In the case of increased renal blood flow, it leads to more efficient filtration, thereby contributing to the metabolite of the human body secreted by the kidneys, and thus to the overall detoxification of the body.

Awakening the body by Cryotherapy:

  • Significantly contributes to overcoming chronic and “spring” tiredness
  • Significantly improves moods, reduces stress and helps relieve depression and mood swings during weather changes
  • Relieves stress, releases muscle tension, body detoxification
  • It is effective against insomnia
  • The overall regeneration of the body
  • Strengthening the immunity of the organism
  • Stay in the chamber improves skin condition, rejuvenates and refreshes
  • It is effective against cellulite and in conjunction with the following exercise helps in reducing weight and overweight
  • It helps in the menopause, and migraine